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Already paid for Sony PlayStation 4? Or are you waiting for a particular blockbuster title before moving on to the next generation? We do not blame you. The ancestor of the PS4 - this slightly curved obelisk that sits under your TV and has half an inch of dust - still has some tricks. While we wait for Sony to perfect its streaming technology, there is still no way to play PS3 titles on console # 4 unless it gets a fancy facelift ... and you buy it again Drew Brees Authentic Jersey , so we return to our loyal PlayStation 3. Born in 2006, eight years is a pretty good term for a game console. But maybe you do not want your time to be over. We also do not do it and have found a few ways to revitalize your gradually graying PS3.

Actually, this should be in the past: Because you should have come to this surprisingly high-quality service a year ago. PlayStation Plus is really good. For under $ 10 a month (up to $ 5 a month if you sign up for a year) you will be offered an "instant game collection" which will be updated every 30 days. This fee gives you access to all compatible consoles (PS3, Vita and PS4). The library currently includes BioShock Infinite, Payday 2, Uncharted 3, and Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse Womens Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Jersey , and eight more PS3 titles. Free games change every month, but if you "buy" it to download it (even if you did not download it right away), you can play it as long as your submarine does - not just when it is part of the game selection. Previous titles (depending on the region) included Super Street Fighter IV, Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed III Womens Erik McCoy Jersey , just to name a few. Yes, more titles than you've probably ever had time for, but the service usually delivers something we actually want to play almost every month. Since the start, a total of 138 PS3 games and a variety of PS1 games are available.

Protip: The "instant game collection" of PS Plus differs from region to region. There are more titles that dominate US and European subscribers, but a Japanese one (Yen-based PlayStation Network has a lot to offer for your sub-boat), the original ridiculous file games of PlayStation (and er, PC Motorea). Yes do you have free PS3 games (Shadow of the Colossus HD)? Yes Yes.

Update your PS3 hard drive:

Instead of just deleting new downloads Womens Alvin Kamara Jersey , you should extend the extension. Your shopping list requires a 2.5-inch SATA drive. Many launchers carry about 5,400 rpm to reach the original record of the PS3 and keep the heat too hot. It's not a simple plug-in-and-play. You cannot lower the hard drive, enter a new Slim PS3 and remove it.

If you want to protect your current configuration with the security feature of the console, you will need to remove some screws and turn off the drives. A tricky piece is just to think about putting the system update file together with your data backup on the USB stick. Fortunately, SCE has provided the necessary instructions for all three hardware iterations here. Make sure you do it here too. Take care of yourself, but in our opinion the installation itself was deceived.

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