Which saw Jagex hire more than 100 new workers

Jagex mutes people for violating Runescape's official stipulations, so it would be doubtful that Elansari was dealt with RS gold in a way distinct from muting cases in the past. Also worth noting, it seems that Elansari has tried similar frivolous suits previously, including one at dating program Tinder directed. For this case though, it looks like the law ended any odds of the claims of Elansari being taken with merit and has spoken. I guess Elansari will be a quiet warrior for the future.

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Jagex, a leading UK developer and publisher of Living Games, has now announced a strengthening of the studio together with the hiring of industry-leading talent across all areas and levels. This latest growth builds upon the successes of 2019 which saw Jagex hire more than 100 new workers across development, publishing and surgeries in its growing Cambridge HQ. Including senior leaders linking from EA, Blizzard, Activision, Ubisoft, Riot and much more, including vast games industry expertise to the Jagex team. 2020 is poised to become another year of significant investment in recruiting, with developments across areas and all levels.

David Bamberger was appointed as the new Head of Product Marketing for RuneScape. David is a games console industry veteran with nearly 25 decades of experience in games promotion. He worked as Marketing Manager for PUBG Mobile at Tencent America. He has launched top brands including Final Fantasy VII, Twisted Metal, Prince of Persia, Hitman, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Ahead of this, Ouni spent eight years in Wargaming, at which he worked on Earth of Tanks, and old school runescape buy gold has been most recently International Product Marketing Director for Total War: Arena.Joeyray Hall has joined Jagex from the new role of Creative Services Director.