Things To Know Before You Play World Of Warcraft Classic

Things To Know Before You Play World Of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard planned to release World of Warcraft Classic in ten days, before that we have already gathered up plenty of messages through various ways. After the three previous stress tests of WOW Classic, believed that you have a preliminary understanding of the game, no matter which one you are, For the Horde! Or For the Alliance!, there is some guidance to help you play better in World of Warcraft Classic.To get more news about WoW Gold Classic Cheap, you can visit lootwowgold news official website.

Before jumping into WOW Classic, you might need to learn more about the things below:

Figure out what WOW Classic is? World of Warcraft came out 15 years ago, and had its first fans, it has changed a lot during the period through constant expansions and updates, while WOW Classic is regarded as the copy of first expansion of WOW, although Blizzard has guaranteed that it will not be the same.

How much does WOW Classic cost? Similar to WOW, the players who pay $15 for a subscription per month can enjoy free WOW Classic.

Reserve a name for your character When logging into the game, if you don't want to add a suffix to your favorite name, now there are still a few days for you to reserve a name for your character, after all, World of Warcraft Classic is such a popular game.

Prepare for your adventure The advanced equipment can quickly enhance your character skills and help you get a higher ranking in the game, which may require a certain amount of WOW Classic Gold, besides, some game tips, patch notes and hotfixes should be some of your preparation.

To sum up, remember to play World of Warcraft Classic on time on August 26 to start a different adventure.