TemTem, interesting information on the situation of this Pokemon Like

[url=https://www.z2u.com/temtem/Gold-1-9513][b]buy Temtem Pansun[/b][/url] Temtem the Pokemon Like that has made so much headlines seems to have won the hearts of many more people than we imagined.

If you've missed Temtem's smashing appearance in the video game world we encourage you to check out our previous articles. You will find them here and there.

It seems that his growth in the sale of Steam games was not a fluke. Indeed according to a Tweet from the studio we learn that the game has been sold more than 500,000 times.

The number of downloads of the game has nothing to envy to the numbers received on the day of its release.[url=https://www.z2u.com/temtem/Gold-1-9513][b]Temtem Pansun for sale[/b][/url] To compare Temtem had been downloaded 33,328 times on its first day today it is downloaded 7,745 times. This of course remains honorable. It is still above Kingdom Come but below Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition.

We are still amazed at the popularity of this game while it is still in development.

The Temtem team also gave us a little statistic to discover the biggest predator in the world of Temtem. The palm of gold is awarded to the Temtem Skunch. We also learn that 1,418,517 Temtem were born and raised with love.

This game released on January 21 2020 was able to show what it was in the womb. It seems to meet the demands of the fans and we can only encourage you to discover this game based on the capture of monsters.

If you want to start your adventure it is available on Steam for € 30.99. If you want to try the game on home console the game is still in early access you will have to be patient.

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