Runescape could benefit from this by merging

POF trapper on discharge, Telos beta host bug, onyxs from priff gem rocks, etc etc).So yeah, when the devs have OSRS gold been advised of this insect and they're working on fixing it, keeping info about the bug under wraps to stop further/widespread abuse is absolutely the best choice. If they did not fix it after a reasonable period has passed (or patch at a band-aid fix) then by all means print it to get community attention to spur the devs to prioritize it, but not before that.

I used my keys on a set of armor that was white. Im very jealous of the clue scroll cosmetics osrs gets and wish we could get more introduced into rs3. I had been playing a good deal of an open-sourced, community developed sport. 1 characteristic from this sea of invention in that game is that the ability to Alt+click on a peice of equipment that you are wearing to switch between the clothes's multiple styles.

Runescape could benefit from this by merging platelegs and skirts into a single item. But more importantly if the artwork team wants to make more than one versions to get a peice of armor while enabling the wearer to have choice they can do this. It not only eliminates the matter of wasted work whilst gear is in the artwork development stage but it helps the runescape gamers to have more options when it comes to customizing their characters.

It seems like rs3 makeup have become one of two things: large bulky armor plated figure or crazy darkness lightrave figure, or even a mix of both. Anyone who is played lately will know the most popular makeup are the ones that flaunt as much normal human skin to buy old school rs gold as you can but very few of these cosmetics become made. I'd like to believe some folks on the artwork team understand this but are being overruled by some sort of senior standing. If afforementioned alt-click to cycle style feature was executed then everyone would get what they want.