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TOYKO, July 14 (Xinhua) -- Tokyo shares closed higher Thursday for a fourth straight day, reaching a roughly one-month high, due to market expectations of fresh stimulus measures and monetary easing by the government and the central bank, as well as the yen's depreciation.

The 225-issue Nikkei Stock Average ended up 154.46 points, or 0.95 percent, from Wednesday at 16,385.89.

The broader Topix index of all First Section issues on the Tokyo Stock Exchange finished 10.90 points, or 0.84 percent, higher at 1,311.16.

Gainers were led by miscellaneous products, textiles and rubber product issues.

The day's turnover was about 2,492.0 billion yen (around 23.81 billion U.S. dollars).

Handball is a name used to refer to a variety of sports which involve ball throwing. Team handball Rodrigo Caio Brasil Camisa , American handball, Gaelic handball, Australian Handball Willian Brasil Camisa , beach handball and field handball are among the common handball types we have today. Team handball is the most popular handball type of handball played today. It is a team sport, normally played between two teams, each having seven players. One player in each team is the goalkeeper Rafinha Brasil Camisa , while the others compete in the field. The game set up involves the two participating teams passing the ball and scoring in the opponent’s goal. A normal game lasts for thirty minutes after which the team that has most scores wins the game. Extra minutes may be handed depending on the referee’s judgment and the gaming statistics. Handball live television channels have come up that show various handball matches taking place across the globe.

Streaming handball is a regular activity in sports channels all over the world. The EHF EORO channel is popular for streaming Euro championship games live. Some sites like YouTube also offer handball streaming services The France national handball team is one of the most famous handball teams we have today. The team has won a variety of games making them a fierce enemy of many other teams. In a France Handball en streaming match, opponents must be prepared to face a fast and talented team with a good track record. The France team is the current reigning champion of Olympic championships and a double world defending champion. The team has been given several nicknames based on their strength and attitude. Their first nickname was Les Bronzes, which they received in 1992 after winning a bronze medal in the summer Olympics that year.

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