P55 Led Stage Curtain Display

P55 Led Stage Curtain Display

P55 led mesh screen is a better solution from the view of effect and economic when the area size is large. We have finished many successful projects with P55 mesh screen, usually for national large-scale project, each project area exceeds 2000 square meters. Many of the restricted application of traditional screens can be realized by our led mesh screen.To get more news about scale mesh curtain, you can visit mesh-fabrics.com official website.

LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular choice for outdoor building facade, ceiling LED, recreational and sports events, the stage for concerts and bars, Christmas tunnel, Christmas tree decoration, water curtain screen film, decoration lighting, etc.

The high transparency of led mesh screen reduces the occlusion of the viewing angle of the building, at the same time, the light transmission is also increased. When the screen light, u could see the advertising video.

When it's off, it's like a building curtain wall far away.The led brand of the mesh screen is nationstar golden wire. The pitch could be from 16mm to 200mm.

The color could be white, transparent, yellow, black, etc. The most important is we can design the size for your shape, whatever the irregular application and size are.