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Used correctly, your book will also be a helpful PR tool in other areas, and will make a business gift that has a very high perceived value. But never make the mistake of thinking you will retire to the Bahamas on the proceeds of its sales.

Pick a good title

A book's title is a very important part of the marketing of a book. With non-fiction and particularly business books, like every other piece of marketing communication the book title has to offer or at least suggest a benefit to the reader.

It's the title people react to when they see a book displayed, whether that's on a shelf in a bookstore or online. When people are looking through books you only have one chance to get their attention nike free flyknit chukka sale , which is why your title needs to be powerful enough to stop them in their tracks.

Sub-headings are now quite fashionable and they help a lot to qualify the promised benefit. I've used them for two books so far and they work nicely:

Powerwriting: the hidden skills you need to transform your business writing Canine Capers: over 350 jokes to make your tail wag

There are two basic publishing routes you can choose: self-publishing, or conventional publishing by an external publisher. In addition there are a few hybrid options available, as well as publishing services organizations which offer services to self-publishers on a menu basis.

The conventional publisher

The advantages of getting your book published externally are:

?It gives your book status (less so than in the past, but still good if it's a well known, respected publisher) ?Your book will be distributed to all the agreed markets at no cost to you ?They will handle and pay for all design nike free tr 5 flyknit sale , setup, print and production costs ?You'll probably get paid a small advance on royalties

The disadvantages are:

?They will be in the driving seat, although they will listen to what you want to do ?They will say that they'll market the book, but many of them won't (see below) ?You will need to negotiate your contract with them very carefully ?The percentage of each sale you receive will be far less than if you self-publish

Finding a publisher to approach is easy with the Internet. Because publishers tend to stick to specific genres of book (called "lists") you'll find them simply by searching for your type of topic via a search engine or on Amazon. There are also print directories of publishers, such as "Writers' and Artists' Yearbook" in the UK.

Most publishers have websites nike free 5.0 flyknit sale , and some even give you the option to submit your preliminary book proposal online - which is well worth doing.

Approaching publishers and submitting proposals

If you're going into a publisher cold, you're best to start with a covering letter addressed to the correct person, and enclose with the letter a one-sheet on which you describe the essence of the book. Then wait for feedback before you submit proposals.

You'll find all the main elements of typical proposals, and details of how to write them well - in my eBook, "Get Yourself Published." (See below.)

Once you have submitted your detailed proposals you may have to wait quite a while - several weeks - before you hear anything.

The offer and the contract

If you get the green light nike free 4.0 flyknit sale , the publisher will come back with a formal offer, saying "yes, we want to publish your book." The "offer" part of it is the advance on royalties - but don't expect much! Advances are normally paid in 2 or 3 tranches with payment points at signing of the contract, delivery of the manuscript, and publication.

Until you sign a contract you're not under any obligation to proceed nike free 3.0 flyknit sale , even though you will have accepted the publisher's offer. There are a number of key areas you need to take special care over, and you'll find details of those in my eBook, "Get Yourself Published" the nuts-and-bolts elements of book production become cheaper through the advancement of technology, self-publishing becomes increasingly attractive for some business book writers. With modern print-on-demand facilities, too nike free 5.0 v4 sale , you avoid the need to have hundreds or thousands of copies printed initially just to keep the unit cost down. Now you can have a handful of books printed at a time and still keep the unit cost within reason.

The advantages of self-publishing (as I see it) are:

?You do not have to answer to anyone else on design, content, editing, etc ?You do not have to spend any time on finding or convincing a publisher to take your book on ?You get to keep all profit from book sales

The disadvantages of self-publishing (as I see it) are:

?You have to find the money to get the book produced ?You can get editorial and design support, but you have to pay for it ?You have to organise and pay for distribution of your book ?You will not find it easy to get your book on to Amazon and into other key distribution channels ?You have to run a publishing business as well as whatever else you do

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