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This week Ballers started airing on HBO and the world of -celebrity and American football has come to the fore. However nike vapormax femme pas cher , in case of life imitating art, Diddy, formerly known as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Sean Combs, was arrested at UCLA football practice.Diddy was alleged to have -attacked one of the UCLA program's coaches with a kettlebell. His charges include three counts of assault with a deadly weapon nike air vapormax pas cher , one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery. Yikes.

Celebrity gossip behemoth TMZ reports that a UCLA strength and conditioning coach was bellowing at the junior Combs before -daddy puffed out his chest and reached for nearest thing to add weight to his argument. The reason for this alleged assault might also be the handful of game minutes that his son -Justin Combs has had during his three years as a defensive back on the Bruins squad.

It'll be interesting to see if a certain Calvin Broadus Jr, aka Snoop Dogg, is as pushy a parent come September. The rapper's son is joining the UCLA football program as a wide--reciever in the fall. Snoop should be chill given his much-publicized proclivities but there's no guarantee as the musician once had an album named Murder Was The Case for reasons that were not ironic.

Puffy should be happier. Another celebrity pops has already seen his progeny make it to the NFL. John David Washington, son of Academy Award winner Denzel, played for the St. Louis Rams for a period but has now followed in his famous father's footsteps. He landed his first major acting gig as NFL footballer Ricky Jerret on Ballers nike air max 97 undefeated pas cher , alongside former University of Miami defensive tackle Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Celebrity kids and football is not a new phenomenon. One of Johnson's teammates in -Miami was Rohan -Marley, son of a man more famous as a fan of the other football, reggae legend Bob Marley. Elsewhere, Antonio Fargas, -better known as Huggy Bear on -Starsky & Hutch nike air max 97 femme pas cher , watched on from the NFL sidelines as a proud parent. His son Justin Fargas played for the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos between 2003 and 2010.

Meanwhile, Hud Mellencamp, a walk-on cornerback for Duke, has not avoided either controversy or the long arm of the law, most recently getting a one year suspended jail sentence. The son of rock star John Mellencamp seems like he might take more after Puff Daddy.

BRUSSELS, March 20 (Xinhua) -- Greek and its creditors still remained divided on the second review of Greek debt bailout program and finance ministers of the 19-member Eurozone agreed that talks would continue to intensify in the coming days, said Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Monday.

Although a lot of work had been done and progress made, some key issues still remained, Dijsselbloem told a press conference after Monday's Eurogroup meeting which again failed to make any breakthrough.

The upcoming talks would "try to clear those big issues out of the way and come to a full policy package agreement" before next Eurogroup meeting scheduled on April 7, the president added, warning that there was no promise that work would be done then to end the marathon talks.

The second review of Greece's third bailout, agreed in the summer of 2015, has been delayed for a year, as the two sides have not reached a consensus on the next package of austerity and reform measures.

by Mohamed al-Azaki

SANAA nike air max 97 homme pas cher , May 22 (Xinhua) -- Tens of thousands of Yemenis are exposed to deadly cholera epidemic in the coming rainy season starting in July, because of the country's damaged health system, the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) head of mission told Xinhua in an interview on Sunday.

"Considering the coming rainy season starting in July and very poor hygiene conditions in local communities, we have a concern that tens of thousands of people are exposed to the risk," Shinjiro Maurata nike air max 97 pas cher , MSF head of mission in Yemen told Xinhua in the interview.

Maurata said the cholera outbreak is no longer appropriate to explain today's situation in Yemen.

According to the latest statistics released by the Yemeni Ministry of Health on Sunday, a total of 315 people died in the last three weeks from the cholera epidemic, and suspected cases have increased up to 29,000 cases in 18 of Yemen's 23 provinces since April 27.

The epidemic began in the war-torn country in mid-October 2016 and spread until December.

The death toll of the first outbreak wave reached 11 out of 180 confirmed cases, while suspected cases reached 15 nike air max flair pas cher ,658, according to a joint report by the Yemeni health ministry and several UN bodies.

"This is not just an outbreak but an epidemic," Maurata said, adding that the reason why Yemen has faced this epidemic is "partly because of the damaged health system due to the war."

The Yemeni Ministry of Health has faced an extremely limited financial capacity, Maurata said nike air max 2018 femme pas cher , and none of the health staff in Yemen have been paid their salary since last September.

"It is clear that no local health facilities have capacity to deal with the epidemic without the humanitarian assistance from international NGOs, like MSF and UN agencies," Maurata said.

"Victims of a war do not always mean only death cases in battles and war wounded patients," Maurata said.

"In Yemen, due to the war nike air max 2018 femme , millions of people have been displaced from their origins internally. The health conditions of women and children has been deteriorating. This endemic of Cholera is cornering the local population in Yemen to the further distress," he added.

Yemen, the impoverished Arab country in the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, has been involved in civil war since two years ago.

The war pits Iranian-allied dominant Houthi movement, backed by forces loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh nike air max 2018 homme pas cher , against their foe of Saudi-backed government of President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

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