News that World of Warcraft seems to be dying

You will also be able to see through walls and obstacles, and carry out mid-air jumps along with your Demon Hunter character with wow classic gold. All of these represent some of the greatest changes to the way the personality plays World of Warcraft has ever had, and still, the changes don't stop here . Legion is going to have a higher level cap (of 110), a brand-new area (The Broken Isles, the ruins of a Night Elf civilization that is comprised of eight brand new zones), Artifact Weapons (one for each class), new dungeons and raids, and more.It sounds like a very thorough and extensive expansion, and one which is going to tackle the problems of anemic or simply poor endgame content which has plagued World of Warcraft for decades now, resulting in the kind of subscriber base bleeding the game has endured from lately.

Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment had the following to say:"In World of Warcraft: Legion, the stakes to the Alliance and the Horde are higher than ever, so we're putting a pair of Azeroth's deadliest forces directly in gamers' hands. Whether they are wreaking chaos because a Demon Hunter or unlocking awesome new abilities for their Artifact, players can develop their characters' power in ways they never have before."

For Blizzard, the news that World of Warcraft seems to be dying could have been devastating- not too many years ago, the business was entirely hooked on World of Warcraft, having released no additional new product for almost half a decade. However, today, Blizzard has been able to return to some of its other classic franchises efficiently, while also getting found some incredibly popular new IPs in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

So it is reasonable that despite World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers using reached their lowest point in a decade -- we are now at 5.6 million subscribers, in spite of the launch of Warlords of Draenor less than a year past -- Blizzard still had a strong showing, with revenues being up year on year.A great deal of this has to do with Diablo 3, that has now sold over 30 million units worldwide- to get a game which was panned as broadly as Diablo 3 was at launch to buy classic gold wow, that's a hell of a comeback. The launch of the Reaper of Souls growth was certainly vital in staging the turnaround to this particular game.Meanwhile, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm do great for Blizzard too, also when Overwatch starts later this season in beta, which is sure to join Blizzard's growing record of successful products as well.