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The Scrum development approach has gained quite a following with software developers and general project managers alike. This iterative way of taking on project management has proven to be very effective. To be familiar with the approach means to be open to different, more dynamic ways of taking on a particular job. For those unfamiliar with the approach, the easiest way to learn more about it is to get acquainted with its three key players. These three players are: the Product Owner, the Team, and the Scrum Master. The Product Owner The term Product Owner is actually quite deceptive; many would assume that this is the same as the Client Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Oreo Casual Black , but in Scrum development, this is not the case. Product Owners try to see the project in the eyes of the customers. They’re the ones who make sure that the finished product is as appealing and customer-friendly as possible. One particular task of the Product Owner is to draft up things directly related to the customer, such as user stories. Ideally, there should be at least one person serving the role of Product Owner during every project. The Team The bulk of the project, of course Cheap Men's Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit Triple White , is handled by the Team. They’re the group of men and women who work together to complete the actual product. In Scrum development, there are usually five to nine people in any given team, and they are usually not assigned to one task and one task only. Team members should ideally have cross-functional abilities, so that work is truly collaborative. As much as possible, there is no one leader within this group of people. Everyone acknowledges their respective strengths and weaknesses Cheap Men's Nike Air Vapormax 97 Trainers All White , and work together as a cohesive whole. The Scrum Master Nevertheless, there is a need for someone who can keep the Team from straying from their duties. Someone has to make sure that the Team follows all the main tenets of Scrum development to keep things running smoothly. The Scrum Master, then, cannot really be called a leader. A better term would be a handler, or in some respects Cheap Men's Nike Air VaporMax Plus Footwear Dark Stucco White , a manager. A Scrum Master can’t boss the Team around like the usual head honcho. The approach, after all, is more of a framework than anything else, and it is important that every member working for the project can keep themselves in check. When that fails, at least the Scrum Master can set things to right again. As with any select group of people working together towards a common goal Cheap Men's Nike Air VaporMax Plus Triple Black , when one falters, the rest follow. It is good to know, then, that Scrum development has very simple definitions of its three key players. People clearly know what they’re responsible for, but embrace the concept of camaraderie at the same time.

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