I was gon na na train for some time

This, I just can't understand how there are still folks on Reddit defending Jgex' customer service or community interaction. We have some genuinely pleasant mods, I would even like OSRS GP to believe that most of the mods we all know are several People that care for this runescape game. (since tbh mod ashes's function and the Updates on osrs are reaaally good imho) However, the customer Support or neighborhood interaction is really bad. Look at the Bad customer care, or these articles that other folks pointed out. (sorry but if being waxed or smth is somebody's personal fault for the most part, appearing at other mmorpgs, they really do a better job at actually telling someone what exactly was wrong and such) Therefore, I simply think that Jagex-runescape participant communication is really poor atm, there are some very dedicated and seemingly honest, Hard-working and friendly mods out there such as mod Ash and others that we do not know, but generally Jagex is fucking up big time.

And you may get banned for items you have actually never done. Your work gone with no one. Do I not talk to an actual person when hours and hours of work has taken out of me? I was excited to return into runescape game. Middle school sleepovers were all about RuneScape. Being able to leap straight into, what was the exact same game an wonderful experience for me, for all intents and purposes. I chose (after finishing dragon slayer and banking some cash) to proceed Member for the first time in years a week.

I fell for a scam. Logged into a forum of the RuneScape site. I couldnt log back in for the next 5-6 hours. I submitted an account retrieval ticket and hoped for the best. I guess my authenticator saved me, when I attempted to log in again that night I had access, cause! None of my stuff was gone, all my cash in the bank. Needless to say I was excited.I decided I was gon na na train for some time that night for a celebration, I chose thieving to mill out. Didnt know what it was all about. After about 5 levels using OSBuddy, and reading some posts here about it, I decided to go back to the official client. I didnt want to risk losing my account for the use though Jagex had stated they wouldnt prohibit anyone for it.

I grinded a few agility out. Probably spent more time clicking exactly the same pattern on the screen than I ever had playing runescpape. I made it from par 10-39, also on literally my last lap prior to levelling around 40 (so that I could eventually get to that new agility program!) I got kicked out. So I tried to log in it was a hiccup. Check account status being, said by some type of message. Im prohibited for Macroing of cheap RS gold. Non-appealable. What the fuck? I've never cheated in runescape game, and I wouldnt know where to have a bot let alone how to implement it. It required me posting here and yelling to discover a link. I want nothing more than to be playing but im playing with with Hearthstone and seething instead.