I never picked up OSRS

Glad to hear that you're still Peon, into the game. Regular shoot me a message on the game if anyone requires any help in-game with some other quests with cheap OSRS gold! FrostyFenrir! (I might even give out a few bonds or GP depending on the disposition of the day and in case you're actually a new player!) ?

I whole heartedly concur that you're feeling such a feeling of achievement playing Runescape. It is the biggest incentive for me. I love the humor. I love the questing. Back when I played with it I had a cape, cape that is thieving and cooking cape. So many MMOs (cough cough WoW cough cough) are only a rush rush rush to end game content. Runescape is unquestionably about the journey.Great video and a great intro for players who may be on the fence regarding whether to perform or not.

However, since a participant of Runescape from 2004 - EOC (I am now 23, ouch) the reason I never picked up OSRS was since you need to start all over again from scratch. By what I have seen the game also looks much more grindy than it used to be, however this might be an unfair assumption as most content creators focus more on flawless accounts, pking and grinding rather than the stuff I used to perform all of the time (clan wars, castle wars mainly). In any event, if you're new, play Runescape - it is fantastic.

The best MMORPG that exists and even after being ruined by the debut EoC (quite major mistake according to me)they still managed to perform a good comeback after a lot of individuals left like that.I've spent 5k+ hours on original rs and Old School, would be paying more on it wasn't so hooked and ridiculously great to buy RuneScape Mobile gold. Hopefully I'll see a few gameplay in the future but until then, can only recommend Runescape for those looking for quality and another life (if you're like that). Whats? Thats what I perform I mean I play OSRS but mainly play Runescape3, I mention this because everyone says runescape is great if you get beyond the graphics, well you can get past the graphics in Runescape3 lol.