I never actually got scammed

I got scammed/hacked once. I was recruited by A friend and made my account. I found how to merch in world 1 buying and selling runes that were full. I informed him about it and left myself a fortune of roughly 5m. I purchased my brother along with him a rune set each to celebrate the cash earning. I could not login into my OSRS GP account. My password had been changed. I appealed and got my own accounts recovered in a couple of hours. My lender was gone, literally all but a frog mask. I knew it was him and that he stopped speaking after that day to me. I faced him about it at college he denied it. He confessed doing this after a year. He never said sorry.

I began playing around the time shortly after RuneScape 2's release, but I played RuneScape Classic because my family computer was crap and could run RS2. I dropped for a"doubling armor" scam. He promptly logged and I gave the guy my password and traded my armor away. When I inquired why he did it he told me his friend bet him $500 the scam wouldn't work on anybody. He used the money. Finally I ended up playing RS2. I'm actually pretty thankful to have heard a lesson for such a little price so early as I thankfully haven't fallen for a scam since (that I know of, lol).

I never actually got scammed although this might sound like a bizarre flex. Started playing RS once I was 12/13 and that I already had some experience with the actual (and online ) world, and so I understood to double check the trades and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. I guess I had been scammed though, but that was already couple years into playing runescape, once I understood it than something painful and it was more of a humorous moment to me. I had been buying yew logs (such as FM I think) and some guy sold me 2-4k of some other cheapo logs rather than yew (do not remember the type, maybe maple?) I believe it was after the launch of GE so maybe I got used to buying everything through there and forgot to mouseover the logs at the trade and old school runescape buy gold just hit accept on the 2nd screen.

I really like Runescape, but I am contemplating if I should renew membership. This post has become a conversation that is fantastic and I am pleased about that, but I must ask you all to keep it civil. There are a number of long threads which became name calling games. I won't be able to respond to everyone, although I will attempt to keep responding. Thank you!