How frequently do you visit dorgeshuun or elves

Wow dude I was watching your video called"My ideal MMO" like 20 minutes ago, and watched a few other videos such as watching new players starting out and such wandering if the game is in fact dying like others say. I then saw how seldom you mentioned Runescape in that video, but then I come across this.Wow, thank you to buy OSRS gold. Runescape is my favourite game ever literally. I never played Wow, never played league wheres many gamers have played for years and it would be impossible to get in to with all of the everyday things in life behind you, we are not 12 or 15 anymore and these days of playing daily get shortened by the moment.Runescape is the only game I have played more then 5 years, maybe 10. So that you emphasise makes me feel happy for a game that means so much for all of us.

Old school runescape includes a healthy and thriving community, fantastic market controlled by gamers, tons of articles and everything around the world is applicable unlike most of mmos at which 90% of articles becomes immaterial when you hit max level. I log into wow and I get bored reason behind wquests and raids' same old dull content. In Runescape I've so much more to do.Content gets polled, individuals have conversations in forums what they want the potential of OSRS to look like and a lot of those ideas individual people generated were placed into the game. They want player feedback and streams & developer blogs are held often and want players view on changes. Theyre vlogs & not sites.

You always know weeks or months ahead what the future updates are going to be, players respond to it quite quickly and developers alter the content based on feedback. It is the very friendly and productive player > programmer communication in any game I have played.True community is thriving can not say anything to that. Economy will shit if you say it isn't you're blind, only look at costs gap in the previous 6 months on crafting materials and pvm supplies (blowpipe jumped in price by 4M in 2 months and scales are essentially double the cost such as ). In terms of relevancy... How frequently do you visit dorgeshuun or elves.

(I suppose for slayer you have to kill elves and long/curved bones shop but just like what else do you do there if you aren't IM) Additionally zanik called and inquired when will she get the quest continuation? I'm sick of people actually being like"oh my god cheap RuneScape gold is amazing it is a golden age of the franchise thanks to it" while multiple updates in last year essentially do the identical thing that destroyed economy back in the Runescape3. I played OSRS for 2 years and played from 2007-10 and literally last five months made me switch to Runescape3 that I currently play for a little over a month.