How to choose doors and windows to better prevent noise?

blinds for large bifold doors Compared with ordinary doors and windows, sound insulation windows are different in material selection and process. The glass, sealing materials and profiles used in high sound insulation windows can be finalized after repeated tests and inspections. Manufacturers should have the process of producing sound insulation windows. And project performance, if necessary, visit the other side’s project samples. accordion blinds for patio doors

1. Is it suitable to buy doors and windows?

Nowadays, most home decorations generally use aluminum alloy doors and windows. There are many types of aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market, with mixed good and bad. Most citizens do not have in-depth research on doors and windows, they pay more attention to appearance than their performance when buying, and the selection is not careful enough, which brings many problems to subsequent use. In fact, the selection of aluminum alloy doors and windows is a science, from aluminum alloy door frames, glass windows to accessories, all need to be understood clearly. The choice of aluminum alloy door frames is more to understand the reputation of door and window manufacturers and product reputation, because the quality of aluminum profiles directly affects the sound insulation performance of doors and windows. sliding glass door philippines

2. Aging degree of doors, windows and accessories

Many people complained that the sound insulation effect of installing doors and windows for about five or ten years in their homes is not as good as before. In the process of using aluminum alloy doors and windows, most people do not pay attention to the maintenance of doors and windows. Some accessories are aging and they are not found to be replaced in time, which leads to the above-mentioned problems. As long as you regularly check the door and window accessories, replace the aging accessories, and pay attention to the usual maintenance, you can extend the service life of the accessories and solve the problem of poor sound insulation.

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