Have you ever had two players in one game

Comment instantly turns off on each version of Madden 20 coins before I start playing for the year. I know it's the exact same dialogue as the two years. Not as bad add the Madden 07"He is in a pressure cooookerrr!" Happening every play, but it is still fairly shitty and irritating.I'd enjoy em to tackle more pressing problems. New announcers are amazing but I think that the sport requires other things to be a greater priority.

I actually turned off the announcers and frankly it has been an amazing experience without having to hear about moving Prestissimo rather than Largo.I find romo difficult to obey. He gets so much credit due to knowledge and his insight but he simply is not a good commentator. He speaks too much and often times hes talking not assessing the match. He takes me from matches sometimes.really? To every own ofc, but that is just odd to me. Nantz and romo both get so excited that's what makes me love them.

Have you ever had two players in one game? This is the first time it happened to me.I do not know the breakout matches in any way. I'd marlon mack hurt and got 4 tds with Hines then mack came back from injury having a break out game afterward I had back to back 4 td games with mack no sin. I then just had 10 sacks 1 FF using a rookie LB and no breakout game but I get 60 yards and 1 td using a receiver and I get one.One of these was my receiving back, who's already an X-Factor. I wasn't able to qualify him for this particular game. What happens when an already player gets a breakout prospect? More skills?

Like most of you I love the game of football. Ive played with EA Madden since Madden 08 but due to the lack to buy Mut 20 coins of progress in the past few years Im starting to lose hope. Other than not buying the game what do we do to get EA Madden to hold itself to a higher standard? My first thought is a well thought out letter to the NFL/NFLPA that highlights how Madden has failed to proceed and what we as the consumers would like to see in the game moving forward. Im open to all thoughts because.