Fashion not hit package! Europe and the United States 5 quickly channeling the bag brand

In addition to clothing to wear, bags also need freshness, and sometimes save a small sum of money, want to buy a bag reward their own, so that the overall shape is more bright! Fashion Week's off-street shooting, we can always from the European and American tribal customers to see some of the novel and interesting design, in addition to well-known boutique package, Europe and the United States what new package of Cheap Michael Kors Bags, carry these bags understand the fashionable eye A look at your taste, do not want to hit the package fashion, starting from these bags it!

Fashion metal rod - M2Malletier

The minimalist M2Malletier is a very new brand, founded in 2012 by Spanish designers Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez, although the shape is clean and simple, Founder stiff shape plus a metal pole, but clean and neat lines , Loved by fashion people, regardless of work or attend the fashion occasions, are very suitable.

Lego Bag - Les Petits Joueurs

Popular in the global fashion circle Les Petits Joueurs, in the fashion week can be seen everywhere in its trace to the villi, rivets and knitting patterns wantonly play, playful big eyes and surging villi decoration, bright visual effects people fall in love, Especially the classic LEGO design more ignited the heart of the urchin heart!

Square structure - Sophie Hulme

Sophie Hulme from the United Kingdom, generous simple square structure design in Europe and the United States in recent years has been a fashion tribe's love bag, especially the big Tote package, you can install a lot of things, not only good-looking high

Recently, because the British Prime Minister's wife to pick this package to the Chinese President's wife Peng Liyuan, and re-become a media topic, do not think that the structure of the Founder will make the brand design is limited, designers continue to introduce new, quarterly different themes and playful Surprise details and accessories, so that Sophie Hulme heat continued unabated.

Book holder Olympia-Le Tan

From two years ago began to popular books carry Michael Kors Womens Bags fleeing the speed of amazing, whether it is Hollywood actress attended the dress to attend fashion occasions, or fashion week street shooting, you can see it figure! Plus the French fashion style this morning, holding the book bag more points friends, Olympia-Le Tan will take the package with embroidery, each book is handmade, the fashion package models to another realm!

Lovely lips. Lulu guinness

Lulu guinness Lulu guinness has a unique and distinctive style, sexy and interesting design, so many fashion celebrities put it down, the use of different materials and , Whether it is formal occasions with dress, so serious shape more fun, or usually took to the streets, choose a more special leather or color style, dazzling and eye-catching! Autumn and winter 2015 new color with grape purple lips clutch; sparkling golden sequins blinks, or special image output Tote bag, distinctive lips for the extension of the concept of surrealism.