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New York's cityscape reverberates with pounding jackhammers and blaring car horns Saul Niguez España Camiseta , but it's the cacophonous subway that perhaps best epitomizes the bustling metropolis.

A chorus of voices sans instrumental accompaniment will soon bring the transit system's rhythms to Broadway, the first time the famous theater district will host an a cappella show.

In Transit brings a rather unconventional touch to the Broadway stage: In a world known for its lively orchestras and consistent vibrato, the musical strips back the traditional extravagance to showcase the human voice.

"They sing, they dance Alvaro Morata España Camiseta , they act and they are the band," said Kathleen Marshall, the acclaimed director and choreographer of the musical, which is currently in previews and will premiere December 11.

A quartet of songwriters scored the show Andres Iniesta España Camiseta , including its co-creator Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who co-wrote songs for the animated hit movie Frozen - including "Let it Go," for which she and her husband won an Academy Award.

"A cappella is this incredible metaphor, because you have to be tuning in to the other people and you have to be listening Sergio Busquets España Camiseta ," she told the magazine Entertainment Weekly. "When we jump onto the subway we're one place and we're going someplace else.

"Really life is all about being between stations. That's what we're really trying to say with this piece."

More than 20 years ago Avenue X was the first musical to feature a cappella, but it was staged Off-Broadway - a circuit typified by smaller venues, more experimental content and different financial stakes.

More recently the two Pitch Perfect films and the television series Glee, which ran from 2009-15 Marc Bartra España Camiseta , have helped bring the a cappella style back to the forefront.

More than 1,000 a cappella groups boast a presence at universities across the US, and many participate in regional and national competitions.

Bringing the genre to Broadway seemed a natural next step.

In Transit, which has been in the works since 1999 - and had a stint Off-Broadway in 2010 - details the intertwined lives of 11 New Yorkers navigating the city's chaotic streets and tunnels.

"It's about people finding themselves or trying to get to that place in life where they say Gerard Pique España Camiseta , 'Yes, I'm here, I made it somewhere,'" said James Snyder Alvaro Odriozola España Camiseta , who plays Nate, a young man who has lost his job in finance.

"I think that's something relatable whether you live in a small town or in a big city like New York."

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