Escape from Tarkov | Community requests deletion of all savegames

[url=][b]EFT Dollars[/b][/url] Escape from Tarkov's players are dissatisfied. In the survival shooter there has been an imbalance in the community for some time for which they have only one solution: a complete restart. However fans will have to wait some time before implementation.

Update from February 4 7:40 pm: In an earlier version of the text the next "wipe" was made to be the first in Escape from Tarkov. We have now made it clearer that this is not the case.

Although Escape from Tarkov has been available for two years the PC shooter was only able to achieve its hoped-for success at the end of last year - with the help of a marketing campaign in which prominent streamers introduced the survival shooter to their audience.

Shortly afterwards the players plunged in droves in Escape from Tarkov to engage in exciting battles and dust off valuable prey. However the influx of players not only brought the game to the center of attention but also its problems: a sexism debacle about female soldiers - and the game's balancing difficulties.

Exploration [url=][b]cheap EFT Euros[/b][/url] battles finding prey and keeping them safe - The basic idea of ​​Escape from Tarkov captivates many players. However the current game looks very different: Players who have been playing the shooter since the last "server wipe" have unfair advantages over newcomers. It's not just about the experience they have ahead of them with a higher level they also get better loot and more skills.

Instead of exciting matches the experienced simply assemble into heavily armed armies to hunt for the beginners or to wait for them at the exit of the areas - a tactic that streamers have already fallen victim to even though they were previously the fair community of Escape from Tarkov.

According to Polygon the community is now asking for another hard reset deleting all the scores so that all chances are distributed equally. Developer Battlestate Games is not averse to the request but makes it clear on its homepage: "Deletion will not take place in the next few months." And even the next major update will only appear in five months. provide you a fast convenient and safe way to get this currecny you can choose to buy cheap EFT Roubles here.