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" SHANGHAI aims to grow into an “excellent global city” by 2040 ecco intrinsic knit shoes clearance , implementing best practice while avoiding the pitfalls that have beset similar booming cities, a senior Party official said yesterday.

Speaking during a plenary session of the Chinese Communist Party Shanghai Committee which approved a master plan for the city’s development over the next two decades, Party secretary Han Zheng said city planners had previously focussed on how to catch up with the best cities in the world, but planners were now moving beyond that.

“Now, when we are designing the future of Shanghai, we need to consider the ways of preventing missteps — especially those irreversible ones — from the lessons drawn by other best cities ecco transporter shoes clearance ,” he said.

The latest master plan for the country’s most populous city from this year to 2040 covers all aspects of urban life, from population, to environment, transport and public services — everything from libraries to pollution and green space.

It follows the last plan made in 2001 and will serve as a guide for the city’s development. The latest master plan will be submitted to the local committee of the Shanghai People’s Congress and then go on to the State Council for further approval.

Critically, it seeks to limit the population to 25 million in 2040, the same target as set for 2020. Shanghai had 24 million residents at the end of last year ecco soft shoes clearance , compared with almost 22 million in Beijing. The capital is looking at limiting its population to 23 million by 2020.

Before being handed to the Party meeting, the draft plan was made public to solicit opinion. Lectures, displays and polls were taken to allow the general public to participate in the process, and many people have given advice through various channels.

A “global city,” or world center, is generally considered one which plays a key role in the global economic order.

The ambitious plan aims to increase green space ecco ennio shoes clearance , reduce commuting times, cut pollution and even set targets for the number of art galleries, museums and libraries per person, as well as increasing communities and apartments for expatriates as the city increasingly attracts talent from around the world.

The total land area allocated for construction will be limited to 3,200 square kilometers, 26 percent of which will be residential ecco jared modern shoes clearance , according to the latest plan. The city’s construction land area reached 3,145 square kilometers last year – meaning 46 percent of Shanghai’s land area has been developed, far exceeding the figures of up to 30 percent for London or Tokyo.

Forests and parks will occupy the rest of the city’s land to make it ecologically friendly. Forest coverage will reach 25 percent. Hazardous fine particle air pollution will be more than halved to about 20 micrograms per cubic meter from 53 last year.

To cut average commuting times to under 40 minutes by 2040, the city plans to add about 1,000 kilometers to the subway network, 1 ecco holton shoes clearance ,000 kilometers to the intercity railway network and another 1,000 kilometers of tram lines.

The new master plan calls for 10 art galleries, two museums and five libraries for every 100,000 residents. Sports lovers will also benefit from at least five new professional football fields, as well as more gymnasiums and training centers.


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