The Day of saint Ballotwine? Why, it is today!

Starting this day, do some thing to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale turn your sweetie's heart melt than chocolate at the sweaty palm of a Bwork. Give them a fragrance of roses, an Emerald Dofus necklace, or even the body of a Gobball, disembowelled for them! Or maybe a service from the shop. Duf, the Meridia of Luv, is getting ready for his biggest day of the year... Every year, it is the same old tune. "You're as warm and sweet as a Golden Brioche fresh from the oven!"

The sweet nothings whispered by fans since they smooch on park benches ooze and drip everywhere and dab you. Put to those disgusting displays of affection in the traditional way and the overdose of love: by clobbering a pink Gobballs! You see, although Saint Ballotwine is the holiday for heartsick fans it's also high season for another illness known as Chocrosis, the end result of an unfortunate experiment by Otomai, the alchemist of all time.

Are you proud and the type to scream your love to Twelve's Planet? And now, let us remind you that DOFUS provides you the option to become! Can choose to use the Day Hat of the St. Ballotwine to signal that their heart is up for grabs! This is also a fantastic time to remind you that in the event that you complete the"Offering for Duf" quest, you'll obtain a Saint Bonnetwine hat beginning next week.

If your name is Droop Flopsalot or Crusty Bunz winning the heart of your crush can be rough. In the event that you've got a Peki Peki's body spanned with a Pikoko. Want to maximize your opportunity of charming that special someone who gets your left and right ventricles pumping in harmony, but your vena aorta, cava and tricuspid valve? Then hurry to check our selection of services out!

To assist you decide, we are offering a 20% reduction on altering your personality's name, gender, colors, confront or class, and on the Makeover Pack, Mimisymbics, and the"New Life" Bundle. Grab the services that you need and soon you'll be ready to strut your stuff from wake your inner Leopardo Dicarpaccio or Scarlett Jomama, or the forthcoming Miss & Mister 2020 pageant.Server: You've spoken

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your comments in a questionnaire. Here would be the results.As you understand, massive exploitation of a flaw with a high number of cheaters this past year directed us to take some extreme steps on the heroic server. Since doing an important rollback and adjusting the flaw provedn't sufficient to fully erase the effects of the adulterous, we considered a variety of situations, none of buy dofus kamas echo which seemed inclined to completely meet the community.