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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Texas is Hill Country Cheap Steelers Shirts , a scenic region with amazing natural attractions, quaint country towns and lovely hills and valleys. Austin is the gateway to this fantastic recreational area steeped in history and Southern charm. The Texas Hill Country welcomes more than 5 million tourists each year, and the clear rivers, towering forests and abundant wildflowers are just a few of the reasons they return again and again. From water sports and outdoor activities to shopping and golfing, Texas Hill Country provides a wealth of activities for all ages and interests.

The Texas Hill Country, just minutes from Austin Cheap Steelers Jerseys , is full of natural attractions that provide the outdoor enthusiast with many chances to admire the scenery and recreate in Mother Nature's playground. One of the top attractions is Enchanted Rock, a large natural rock formation more than 400 feet tall. Also top of the list is the Longhorn Caverns, where tours recall the days when outlaws, Native Americans and soldiers used them as shelter. Cool off at Barton Spring Swimming Hole and check out the wildlife at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Quaint Southern Texas towns provide a glimpse into the rural heritage of the Texas Hill Country. Villages such as Wimberley, San Marcos, Buda Terry Bradshaw Hat , Burnet and Johnson City are all nestled in the rolling hills and provide tourists with shops brimming with handicrafts and antiques and fine dining in restaurants overlooking the natural beauty of the region. Enjoy Texas history at several museums that instruct and educate visitors on everything from early Native American life to cowboys and ranchers. Visit the towns of Bandera, Dripping Springs and Taylor for true historical attractions.

When folks are looking to get out of Austin for a few hours, they head to Hill Country and participate in just a few of the many things to do in the area. There are lakes and rivers that are perfect for swimming, fishing, sailing, boating or tubing. Staying in a bed and breakfast is a wonderful way to get away for a day or a weekend. Check out historically important architecture in any of the Main Streets in the smaller cities in Hill Country Jack Lambert Hat , or hike, bike and camp in any of the national and state parks in the area. Visitors to the area can even take wine tours, guided ranch tours and art gallery tours if that is the kind of recreation they enjoy.

While Hill Country is located in the center of Texas, it's easy to see why the area is considered the heart of this great state. The lush abundance of natural resources and Southern hospitality creates a unique combination of relaxation and rejuvenation. Using Austin as a base to explore this amazing region is a wonderful idea for those seeking to maximize their time in Texas Hill Country. Author's Resource Box

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Travellers are usually wary of animals abroad. A run in with a foreign animal could lead to you claiming on your travel insurance policy for medical treatment after bites or contracted diseases. However, here are two uplifting stories where animals have saved the day.

When you?re on holiday it?s difficult to keep an eye on children the whole time. Accidents are bound to happen occasionally, so it makes sense to be prepared with some travel insurance. One lucky family, on a trip to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, found that when their child was in danger a maternally inclined gorilla was there for protection.

Gorilla on Guard

The incident began when a three year old boy fell from a great height to the floor of the Rain Forest enclosure at the zoo. The child was knocked unconscious and was vulnerable to attack from the gorillas that were housed there. A gorilla called Binti Jua, still carrying her infant daughter Javon Hargrave Hat , rushed over to stand over the boy as the other gorillas began to gather round.

The zoo keeping staff reached the enclosure and opened a side gate to tempt the gorillas out with food, but they did not move. The gorillas were curious about the boy and were staring intently at Binti Jua who was protecting him. The keepers took out hoses and blasted water at the gorillas until they reluctantly moved through the door. To the keepers alarm, Binti began to walk towards the door too, while cradling the child. Then, before she walked out, she laid him gently on the ground.

The boy suffered only a few bruises and a cracked wrist Sean Davis Hat , so instead of claiming on their travel insurance for substantial hospital bills, his family were able to tell a story of an amazing rescue. But this rescue story is not as amazing as the one told by a diver called Yang Yun in July 2009.

Saved by the Whale

Yang Yun had entered a free diving competition at Polar Land in Harbin, China, where the winner would land a job working with the whales. As part of the competition, contestants were asked to dive into the arctic tank and hold their breath at the bottom for as long as they could. Yang Yun had a wetsuit, but no breathing apparatus and the arctic temperatures gave her cramp. She quickly found herself stuck at the bottom of the pool struggling for breath.

Remarkably Artie Burns Hat , the beluga whale, with whom Yan Yun was sharing the tank, knew how to help. After years of training and working with humans, it seems Mila, the milk white, smiley Chukwuma Okorafor Hat , one tonne beluga had learnt how we swim and breathe and recognised that the free diver was in distress. The whale grabbed Yan Yun by the leg with its mouth and pushed her up to the surface.

Had Yang Yun known about her pre disposition for cramp, she may have not attempted such a stunt. Similarly. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale College Basketball Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys