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Whether you know it or not wholesale white air force ones , your skin is an organ just like any other organ in your body. Just like any other organ, heart, lungs and kidneys to name a few, they all need to be health to function properly. The skin also happens to be the body’s largest of the organs. This skin is a barrier between our interiors and the rest of the outside world.

When the skin is healthy it is able to fight against aging, heal more quickly and ward of diseases. It’s also the window to the world. It is what people see on you and reflects your over all healthy appearance. So if your appearance is vital to you, keeping your skin physically healthy is important. But proper care is not only for looking good. Poor care leads to many types of conditions like buy wholesale air force ones , rashes, sores, acne, aging and wrinkles. Improper care also leaves it prone to diseases, infection and more likely to prolong scars from healing faster after minor injuries like burs and cuts. For people that have chronic conditions like eczema, psoriasis and allergies cheap air force ones for sale , skin care is extremely important.

The skin is always in a state of growth by old cells dying and new cells replacing the dead cells. The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells through a process called “Desquamation”. On an average every 28 days a new skin cell is born. This new cell travels up from deep within the skin to the surface of the skin. Once it reaches this level of the skin, the cell is considered dead. Ideally, new skin cells arrive at the skin’s surface, pushing older cells off. With normal skin, dead skin cells are constantly being pushed away naturally.

If the skin is unhealthy, one of the many consequences is “Acne”. Dead cells remain stuck on the skin’s surface and within the hair follicle nike air force 1 cheap outlet , creating a clog . This clog of cell debris and accumulations of oils forms a blackhead. If infected by bacteria an inflamed blemish or pimple is produced.

Another important care for our skin is to keep it from aging. The body is continually faced with environmental pollutants through daily interactions with smog, air pollutants, foods and life in general. These pollutants cause free radicals to build up in the body. Free radicals collect in the body as a reaction to these pollutants and begin to quickly destroy the structure of the cell. Free radicals take over the reproductive properties of the cell and reproduce rapidly. This cause the growth of new cells to decrease and in turn causes the skin to age.

Some of the key remedies and treatment for the skin to continue to be healthy is, moisturizing, cleansing and diets rich in antioxidants.

Because it suffers for sun, dry air and heat china air force ones wholesale , hot and cold temperatures and hot or to cold water to name a few, the skin can dry up and among other factors, causes the skin to age. Keeping it moist with natural ingredient like olive oil and other emollients helps to keep the skin moist and creating a barrier to these dangerous environments.

By eating foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, the skin has the ability to heal the cell and prevent the free radicals from reproducing. Once the free radicals of the body are left with no place to grow, the cell can regain its health and the body begins the rebuilding process and new skin cells are produced. Vitamin E helps the body increase and regulate the levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for new cell growth as well as healthy skin and hair. It is also important as a general immune system booster, especially in older adults.

By cleansing we help the skin to rid it’s self of dirt air force ones wholesale bulk , bacteria and dead cells that get clog up in the hair follicles. This helps the skin to rebuild it’s self naturally without obstructions of the outer layer of the skin.

All in all proper skin health is vital to the over all health and wellness of our bodies. Is skin care important to you?

Thank you for reading,

Constantine Kara.

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by Hummam Sheikh Ali

DAMASCUS, June 24 (Xinhua) -- The U.S.-Russian relations have witnessed another round of rising tension as both stepped up support to the rivaling sides in Syria, a Syrian politician told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Saturday.

Anas Joudeh, the head of the opposition Nation Building Movement, said the U.S. and Russia have long been at odds authentic air force ones wholesale , including in the battlefields of the Syrian crisis, where Russia is backing the Syrian government forces, and the U.S. is behind the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Both sides are in a declared fight against the Islamic State (IS), which is said to be facing its demise under the heavy blows of the powers.

The Russian-backed Syrian army is making progress against IS in the sprawling Syrian Desert, in an operation aiming to end the presence of IS and other rebel groups on the Syrian-Iraqi borders, and along the Jordanian frontier as well.

They have captured thousands of square kilometers in the Syrian Desert cheap nike air force 1 free shipping , succeeding to control border points with Iraq and Jordan in an operation dubbed "the Great Dawn."

The army also captured key gas and oil fields near the ancient city of Palmyra, in the desert in central Syria.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-supported SDF, a group of Arab, Kurdish and Assyrian fighters, declared a fully-fledged war on IS capital of Raqqa city in northern Syria two weeks ago cheap air force 1 shoes wholesale , succeeding to capture several areas in the eastern and western parts of Raqqa.

They have also captured the southern bank of the Euphrates River, managing thus to circle the entire city of Raqqa.

Washington deems SDF as reliable allies, as they are not driven by religious motives like other rebel groups.

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