Boston Red Sox 2021 Season Preview: Is there another level for Connor Seabold to reach

Welcome to the annual Over The Monster One Big Question season preview series. Over the next 40 days, we will be running through every player on the 40-man roster and identifying a key question for them pertaining to the coming season. This should run us up to the start of the season, at least as it is scheduled now. We will go through the roster in alphabetical order. For the most part, these will run Monday through Friday every week running up to the week before Opening Day Fred Lynn Pet Jersey, though expect some weekend posts mixed in as well as the 40-man is expected to continue to be altered before the start of the season You can catch up with every post by following this link. Today we take a look at Connor Seabold.The Question: Can Connor Seabold up his perceived realistic ceilingThis is something that I plan on writing about in a bit more depth at a later date, but it is worth mentioning that the Red Sox have something this year that they haven in quite some time: Pitching depth that consists of prospects with upside Granted, some of that took a hit with Bryan Mata injury, but Tanner Houck is still expected to be the first line of rotation depth, and in the bullpen Eduard Bazardo is looking to make an impact early. But in the rotation, behind Houck, Connor Seabold shouldn be all that far behind. The righty is generally seen as a future back-end arm, but is there a more realistic chance at a better outcome than we giving credit forSeabold was first drafted by the Orioles out of high school, but he declined to sign, instead going to play college ball at Cal State-Fullerton. After a strong career there he had bumped his stock enough to be a third round pick in 2017, when he was selected by the Phillies. It was clear they viewed him as an advanced arm, as he made his full-season debut up at High-A the year after he was drafted, and after a strong half-season at that level he was promoted up to Double-A. He got hit around a little bit there, but he was still up at Double-A just a year after being drafted Johnny Pesky Pet Jersey.