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Interactive Voice Response system is not new to anyone. Directly or indirectly it has been used by almost 85% of the population. You might have interacted with it in your organization or at the time when you have called in a customer support center. The strength of an IVR solution is known to almost all. The organizations are aware of the benefits of the IVR system and that is the reason more and more companies have made it part of their communication. From an SMB to an MNC; from a hotel to a hospital; almost all organizations have started using the IVR system. The core functionality of an IVR system is to attend each call regardless of time or day Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 España , play a few pre-recorded IVR prompts, and lead the caller to get a specific answer or to take a specific action. Though the core functionality of an IVR system is same Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 España , no matter for which industry it is getting used, it can have a few specific features as per the function it is going to perform or industry it is going to cater. There are different types of the IVR solution available based on the custom features required by different organizations to automate their one or more tasks. This article will brief a few as such IVR solutions.

Automated Ticketing IVR System For any industry which offers an advanced ticket booking mechanism can use this type of solution. The ticket booking IVR system is specifically developed to offer error free and quick ticket booking by the customers.

CRM Integrated IVR Solution This IVR solution is integrated with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system of the organization. This helps an IVR solution to answer each customer in a personalized manner. It can also play different prompts for different callers based on their buying habits or other traits which are fed into the CRM of the organization.

Payment Processing IVR solution This will allow paying the invoices and bills using an IVR solution. It will be developed by keeping all necessary security mechanisms so the payment can be secure and safe for each user. It can be deployed as part of a huge system and it can work well with the same accuracy.

Currency converter IVR System This IVR solution will fetch the different currency exchange rate and allow the caller to compare and convert the currency from one country to another. The currency converter IVR solution can be used in industries such as stock exchange Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Hombre España , eCommerce, banks , etc., where the currency of different countries is used for different transactions.

Hotel IVR Solution It is used to cater the guests and potential customers of the hospitality industry. It is developed in a way that it can handle any number of customer requests and help them with the same user experience. It will automate many tasks of hotels so the staff can take care of present guests more actively rather than keep sticking on the phones.

Quiz Competition IVR System Education and entertainment both industries can take maximum benefit from a quiz competition IVR solution. There are also other industries which may use this IVR system if they conduct the quizzes for some kind of filtering.

Informative IVR Solution Any industry which needs to offer some kind of information can use an Informative IVR solution. The IVR system will provide all necessary details to the caller with the same accuracy and empathy.

The Asterisk is one of the most used VoIP technologies to develop an IVR system. It can develop reliable and scalable Interactive Voice Response System of simple or complex nature. The Asterisk IVR solution can handle hundreds of calls in parallel without any issue. This is the reason still Asterisk is in the top list of the IVR solution developers as an IVR solution development technology.

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